Meet Heather

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Business/Life Coach?

About 10 years ago, I was searching for my next path in life. Though there were aspects that I loved, I knew that the almost 20 years I’d spent as a Real Estate Broker and Sales and Marketing Manager were not what I would be doing for the rest of my life. I began to notice what I was best at and I came up with this: I loved coaching people to their personal best, making as much money as possible without judgement but with integrity.

I saw that sometimes past hurts or current limiting beliefs were stopping amazing people with the most potential imaginable from achieving the success they so badly wanted and I sought out tools to help them overcome those blocks so they could move forward. Crazy how past stuff will infiltrate in every area of our lives!

As a former foster kid and physical, emotional and sexual abuse survivor, I experienced blocks like that in my own life and have been astounded at how the tools I’ve learned have completely transformed my own life and business, too!

But what I really excel at, what I do with my eyes closed, is to help craft business success with authenticity and fun! I work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to get out of their own way and become who they intended and more in their business and in their lives.

Who are your clients?

I work with people just like you in private practice and other independent professionals or business owners who are really good at what they do, but hey have something they can’t identify standing in their way, or they simply are feeling scattered and directionless. They need to know exactly how to get past their blocks or set up systems so they can not only stay in business, but to THRIVE in business AND in life.

How are you different from other “business coaches?”

OOOOH! My favorite question!

First, I have credentials. I have studied with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. When I decide to invest in my education, I choose the best, most experienced mentors I can find, then complete the education and become certified, rather than just hang a shingle out that says “coach”!

I was personally selected and trained by Oprah’s favorite Life Coach and “O” Magazine columnist Dr. Martha Beck, author of 10 best-selling books (including the one that got me started on this journey: “Finding Your Own North Star”), and, upon completing my Life Coach Certification, went on to become Business Coach Certified with SoulSalt’s Lyn Christian. Building on my 30-year Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurial career, BS in Business Management and Marketing and my many years of experience, I have coached everyone from CEOs to Attorneys to Network Marketers and Coaches, and spoken to countless groups.

I’ve simply become an expert at this stuff and that’s why my clients, groups and business leaders get great results (plus I throw in a healthy dose of compassion, humor and encouragement, which ALWAYS helps!).

Some words that describe me and my coaching:

  • Motivating
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Inspirational
  • Gentle butt-kicker
  • Effective
  • Destuckifier

Wait! De-WHAT-ifier? Stuck stuck stuck. That’s right – I help you get OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

I’ll offer you tools and guidance to help you:

  • Find clarity and focus
  • Get your creative mojo back
  • Jumpstart your business
  • Find passion, joy, happiness
  • Of course, get unstuck

My crazy journey:

  • Foster kid to fabulous life.
  • Love love love helping peeps find a better way to be, do, live.
  • Mother of two grown kids and a son-in-law. And a Kaycee Dog.
  • Wife to Chris – 27 Years. Wow.
  • Sales/Marketing, Entrepreneur, and Manager almost 30 years.
  • Bachelors Degree: BS – Business Management/Marketing
  • National seminar speaker.
  • Certified and personally trained with absolutely brilliant brains:
    • Dr. Martha Beck – “O” Magazine columnist, Harvard-educated, Oprah Show regular, Author, Coaching Genius
    • Lyn Christian – Owner of SoulSalt, Inc., Former Senior Coach at Franklin-Covey
  • Get Clients Now Facilitator-chick. Business help.
  • Board of Directors – nonprofit uFOSTERsuccess,
  • Board of Advisors – nonprofit The Adoption Exchange
  • Magazine-a-holic. Good cook. Dislike yardwork; love nice yards. Have to see water from my home.

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