Certified Life Coach

Life coaching can be SO woo-woo! While I do have woo-woo moments, my coaching style is rich with tools and experience that build your confidence and your trust in yourself.

I help you learn how to get over hurts, anger and confusion. See, I believe that EVERYTHING happens FOR you, not TO you. But sometimes it’s hard to see how on earth that can be. And how on earth you can go on.

This is where life coaching brilliantly offers you ways to find happy again – and from now on.

You deserve to live a rich, meaningful and happy life. I can help you find the ability to make it happen for yourself.
Your past does not have to be your future.  What matters is what you are thinking and believing NOW in your life, and how you are taking action based on those thoughts. You can overcome your past.
I have the tools and the experience to help you access what is right for you. Part of living, and specifically the coaching process, is learning how to fully trust yourself.

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