Corporate Coaching

I see you, Corporate America.

I see you on your way to work and you are grumpy. And late.

I see you in the conference rooms and you are frustrated.

I feel your discontent.

And I want you to know there is a better way.

I want to help you finally get clear on what you are doing and why.

I want to help you leave your personal baggage at home and enjoy your
work life in its entirety. Then go home and enjoy your personal life in its

I want you to be confident, creative and contributory and take ownership of
your position.

I want you to represent your company with dignity and enthusiasm.

I want you to be an authentic leader in whatever you do.

I want you to finally be able to be who you are. To be unique; transparent;
open and working for the greater good.

I want you to be happy.

Having held a corporate management position for 9 years, I experienced
firsthand how we can allow corporate life to affect us. Upon starting my own
business, I realized how passionate I was about injecting happiness into
our corporate workforce. With that, I created the Corporate Happiness Guru
Course and Mentorship and put together a team of amazing individuals
who further this objective.

We offer 6- and 12-week step-by-step action training courses and Private Mentorships that do NOT include the same old stuff. (Besides, if that worked, would we still be where we are in Corporate America today?)

  • Breaks free of the routine bonds that stifle growth, creativity and leadership
  • Encourages thought leaders, camaraderie and teams that love what they do
  • Creates an environment of responsibility, accountability and clarity of purpose

Email or call Heather today for an appointment to discuss how Corporate
Happiness can change your company for the better.


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