Work With Heather

Begin by completing our Business Assessment. Read the scenarios below. Click on the number next to the scenario that best describes you and your business.


You are just getting started or looking for basic business structure, systems, marketing, motivation, training and resources. You’re committed to the entrepreneur life, but not quite sure how it’s all gonna work together. Need a good foundation, basics, next steps.  CLICK HERE if you are on Level 1.

You have been in business for a while, but are not yet achieving the success you know you can. You need accountability, leverage, understanding partnerships, websites, how to create packages and pricing and a marketing plan that provides constant leads. You want to master your sales conversations and you are ready to start making REAL money!   CLICK HERE if you are on Level 2.

You are spinning your wheels. It seems like you are ALMOST there, but something is getting in your way and you’re not sure what that is. You need accountability, leverage, marketing overhaul, list-building, sales, creating packages and pricing and a powerful sales funnel with constant leads. You want to master your business and you are ready to start making BIG money, NOW!   CLICK HERE if you are on Level 3.

Momentum has begun. BUT! You KNOW there’s more. You’ve done everything you can think of, and maybe even engaged a coach or two, but what do you need next? A business coach? A life coach? A speaker coach? Wealth consciousness coach? Marketing coach? How about all of those rolled into one? Seems like the Marketing piece is going well, and so is the monetizing, but managing is an entirely different story.   CLICK HERE if you are on Level 4.

Lifestyle creation mode. Things are going pretty dang amazingly well. You are making good money and you have customers. You may have created a 6 figure business, but you are TIRED! You are working WAY too hard. Let my systems, knowledge and experience UPlevel you and your business in a BIG way. Expand your national and international exposure, master your money mindset and belief systems, increase your confidence, nail down your branding and offerings and create an automated online empire. INVEST in your business! INVEST IN YOU!  CLICK HERE if you are on Level 5.

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