Going slow will get you far

piano pianoI just returned from beautiful Italy again and I learned so much on this trip! One of the things I learned is how Italians live in the present.

On the plane on the way over, there was a flight attendant who was talking with the women in the seat in front of me, who had never been to Italy. An American who lives in Italy now, one of the things that he said echoed in my head throughout my entire trip.

“Italians don’t care how much money you make or what kind of car you drive. They just like to feel the breeze on their face.”

Whoa. How is that for a philosophy? “Feel the breeze on your face.”

But here in America, it’s completely different, isn’t it? Seldom content with what we have, we are always pining for the new car, the fabulous trip, THAT pair of shoes, a checkbook balance that exceeds our expenses…

As I was describing the comments I heard on the airplane to my friend, Pam, who also lives in Italy, she shared the phrase “Piano Piano” with me, which literally means “slowly slowly”.

Piano, piano.

Slow down.

Relax a little.

Feel the breeze on your face.

I have to be honest, though. As good as that sounded to me, I had a bit of prejudice about the whole thing. How can I be successful if I slow down? How can I get anything DONE? How can I be my normal, ambitious, amazing self if I’m not constantly on the GOGOGOGOGO?

Then, I met some Italian entrepreneurs. They define their success exactly how they want to. It’s not this constant discontent and rush of the pursuit of wealth that we propagate here in the US. It just is. They enjoy what they have, keep their values in the forefront of their minds, and continue to build their lives to reflect that. They don’t spend time checking to see what their neighbors are doing. They just do. And enjoy. Slowly.

Success CAN be defined by great wealth, but for me, success is being able to create the money I want or need whenever I want, and enjoying life along the way to its fullest.

Out of curiosity, I Googled the phrase “Piano piano”. Seems as though that’s just the first part of the whole phrase. The rest?

“Piano piano si va lontano.”

It means “slowly slowly is the way to go far”. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.



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