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Heather Laughter headshotMany years ago, a new friend invited me to her house for coffee. I protested, since I didn’t drink coffee at the time. She insisted and I found myself at her house the next morning. If you haven’t had Israeli coffee, you haven’t lived. It reminded me of tar and even had grounds in the cup. After gagging a little, and begging for cookies, I choked down pretty much all of it. When I was done, my friend turned my cup upside down on the saucer and left the room. She went outside and smoked a cigarette while I wondered what the heck was happening.

When she returned, she scrunched up her face and peered intently into the grounds that had settled in my cup. And she began to tell me what she “saw” in the grounds. Now this woman barely knew me – we had just met. And she blew my mind when she said (as she pronounces) “What is dees? I see three mothers here. One of them is most like your mother but she is not blood. This one is blood, but more of a friend. And DEES one……ooooo…you don’t like dees one.” My foster mom, my “real” mom, and my step-mother, respectively. Dead on about all of them. And I got a bonus mom – my mother-in-law, a wonderful mom to me for almost 28 years, too. 

I am grateful for every one of them. They each contributed to my life, and they each did the best they could with what they had and they each helped to form who I am as a mom, and I think I turned out pretty well. Not perfect, but I’m doing the best I can, too. (A cute pic is me with my grandson Nash- one day old!  May 2011)

Celebrate the moms in your life. All of them. On Mother’s Day and every day. 

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